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Ability to have option to enable/disable documents download

Currently, when files are sahred, the file can be downloaded by everyone who got shared with that specific document. 

However, there are certain times that we would not want the files to be shared. 

Thus, it would be great if we have an option to disable the documents to be dounloaded. 

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Do it, Hubspot! Do it!

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Please HubSpot team,


Make our holiday wish come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Still shocked this simple feature is being overlooked by HubSpot. The feature goes against the purpose of this tool, to be able to share a document to be "viewed" and for sender (HubSpot customer) to view stats on viewer's activity. By allowing recipient to download incentivises them to do so, and then provides sender any information or control of confidential documents. Please get it together HubSpot product team, this is an easy fix!!!!!