Ability to filter out known/added Companies in the Prospects tool



It would be nice to enchance the existing Hubspot CRM prospect view filtering so that we could have the ability to set a filter that would filter out companies that are already known, or have already been added to the CRM, from the to be generated list. 


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I am trying to best utilize the prospects sales tool and I see that many of the prospects name field is listing existing customers. I understand that at present time there is no ability to add last contacted or lifecycle stage. It would be nice if there was a way to filter out those prospects that are already customers. This would help sales see an at a glance view of prospects and their activity visiting the website that aren't already customers.

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Agreed. We could use this as well. As soon as you have a decent volume of existing customers, it begins very difficult to exclude that noise and focus on actual prospects.

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 I would like to upvote for this! Right now you can only tell if they're in your system by seeing if there's a plus sign or a check mark next to them...if I could pull in say, lifecycle stage to this and then build a report that told me : show me all of the visitors to my website who HAVEN'T converted yet so I can do some targeting in our campaigns, that would be SUPER COOL! 

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It would be very helpful to my company to see the new "prospects tool" within hubspot have the availability to filter out our current customers. 

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I would like to request a new feature: The prospects report is great but only if it shows me prospects that are coming to our website ... showing me customers does me no good from a sales prospecting perspective. I would like Hubspot to be able to filter OUT existing companies in my database by domain. Chances are, those are customers or are in a sales process with us. I would like to be able to see only companies that we don't have a company record for ... these would likely be TRUE prospects. Thank you. 

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It would also be great if we could filter by our own domain. We have 2 websites set up in Hubspot and I don't see any way to tell which prospects visited which site.


Exactly what I would like to do. This would enable us to focus in on prospect companies to help focus the ales team.