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Ability to export Top Engaged contacts

I'd love the ability to export Top Engaged contacts either directly from the single email performance view or across an entire campaign. 


I would want the number or opens and clicks, and the associated links to be exported.





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@MBotha you can use Custom Reports to replicate the Top Engaged Contacts report.


Filter as needed e.g. by a single email or campaign. Then export it.


You might need to build a separate report for Opens and Clicks, per the Top Engaged Contacts reports. That's what we did. But you could readily vlookup to match data in Excel/Sheets post export.


See this post.


Hi @MBotha 


We also had this problem of not being able to utilise our "Top Engaged" contacts, and wanted to introduce you to Segment Builder, a HubSpot app that solves for this.


Segment Builder allows you to create "Segments" of top engaged contacts from individual marketing emails, Campaigns, Subscription Type, or a combination. You can specify a percentage or a threshold, and the segment will sync HubSpot as a List, making it workable with all other parts of HubSpot including reports and exports


Please do try it out, and I would love to hear your feedback if you have any.


Happy segmenting

Tom from Segment Builder


A List of SegmentsA List of Segments