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Ability to exclude recipients form CES Survey

There is currently no way to exclude specific contacts from the getting a CES. 

This functionality should be added. 

We have some customers that have specifically requested not to get the survey anymore, and there is no way to do this if we open a support ticket for them. A cumbersom workaround is needed.  

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Absolutely need this, we have customers complaining about receiving too many and there is literally nothing we can do about it (bar totally rearranging our pipeline which is not an option). 


+1. Some of our customers are also complaining about receiving too many survey, and it impacts the results (they give bad marks and leave a comment to say that they don't want to receive the survey everytime).

It seems that there used to have more options before (according to this article for example : in the criterias. But now, the only option displayed in "Recipients" is a Pipeline. It would be great to have more options to choose which user will receive the survey.


+ 1 This would be incredibly helpful.




Olá, tudo bem?

Aqui tambem temos esse problema, por várias vezes, nossos clientes enviam e respondem os e-mails copiando alem de nossa caixa principal, também a caixa de algum agente que está tratando o caso com isso o Hubspot está entendo que essas pessoas junto da caixa principal também são clientes e acabam cadastrando-as na nossa base de contatos, consequentemente as vinculando nos tiquets, então quando o tiquet é encerrado, nosso colaborador recebe a pesquisa de satisfação junto com o cliente.

Seria bom, alguma forma evitar que nossos colaboradores recebam essas pesquisa de satisfação.


Agreed - definitely needed. We're turning off customer satisfaction surveys until this is fixed. 


Shame really as looks like SalesForce supports it:


Same Same Same as above!  We have mulitiple repeat clients who find the surveys cumbersome and annoying when they have gotten the same one mulitiple times in short periods of time!


It would be ideal to have an option to filter out contacts based on their contact's criteria, so we could exclude sbscribers, other etc from receiving ticket feedback surveys 


Really missing this possibility! Our support teams mainly interact with customers, but often also have cases with a few suppliers/partners. These suppliers are not the target audience for the survey and complain about receiving it each time they have a case with us. Would be great if we could f.ex. exclude recipients with a few specific email domains. 

Hope to see this feature soon!