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Ability to email active lists: non-marketing

The ability to send emails to an active list would help greatly! This would help client success teams. With this feature, emails could be sent to active lists (non-marketing emails) similar to how emails would be sent in Outlook, or other email providers. This would add value as it would help keep all communication within HubSpot and stop email from going to spam! 

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This will greatly help with reaching the non-marketing contacts. I vote for this to be actioned by Hubspot.


Exactly! We need an easier way to send regular group emails via Hubspoit (non-marketing emails)


Yes! The lack of this feature is a bane of my client success existence, since I would love to keep all communication through HubSpot, but all my lists are built in Outlook. Let's do this!!


This is a great idea 🙂


This would be SOOOooo helpful!! Yes, please, Hubspot! I would love to be able to send regular group emails via Hubspoit (non-marketing emails).


Yes this would help a lot - just had an issue where internal email comms didn't get through to some people who were non-marketing contacts 🙄

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If you have certain tiers of sales or service hub..


I would suggest doing these emails in a sequence within Sales Hub (so it will be coming from the CS person who has that account or the head of CS.. depending on the sender). That is how our CS teams create emails/templates quickly to engage/support their customers. You can also do this automatically by enrolling them in a workflow and then enrolling them in the sequence. 


We do this for:

  • Introing to their CS person x amount of days after signing up 
  • Telling them of certain risk behaviors within our software that is pinged (via the API/Private app) 


Want to chat more on how we utilize HubSpot for CS/service things? DM me or connect with me on LinkedIn