Ability to edit blog comment module


Currently, blog comment module display old to new comment for specific blog. 

If we can have a choice to make it newer comennt  to older comment, it would make it look like more real time comment on the blog post. 


Also, we have a lot of comment so, if we have ability to bring comment form to the top of comment listing, that would be useful as well.

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We are an educational company, and our blog includes in-depth articles about difficult topics. Customers often ask questions that require a long and detailed response. Can Hubspot improve blog commenting tools? We need all of the following:


Live links





Numbered Lists

Bullet lists

Font size changes



We post this killer content in our blog responses, but it ends up looking so ugly, it’s borderline unreadable. 

Thank you. 

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One more thing to add to this list...the ability to click on an image in a blog post and allow it to link to a web page, pdf, etc. 

Thank you!

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I too would like to see the ability to add hyperlinks to Hubspot blog comments. It's unwieldy for readers to have to copy and paste a link - and ironic given how many functions are supported in this comment module.

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Often people leaving comments type quickly, and we get many small typos and grammar errors in comments. This doesn't reflect well on the commenter, and I'd love the ability to edit their comments to fix errors. We also occassionally get a comment with a link that stops working. I'd like the ability to remove the broken link without having to remove the whole comment, which is what we do now. 

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I understand the importance of security... but also believe that in the 21st century, I should be able to reply to a reader comment and include a link to another blog post.  The roadblocks to engage readers via comments must be removed.  Plus, it seems outdated to have a URL that the reader must copy and paste.

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It should be possible to translate everything related to the comments form.
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When a person wants to respond a blog comment, the text that appears is: "Replay to ...". It would be nice to be able to modify that text.


Thank you

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Would be a nice to have an option to Edit Blog Comments, especially ones with someone just trying to get a backlink. With your blog setting set to moderate, you are able to approve them before they are published, but that really doesn't help us.


A good amount of our comments i wouldn't consider "Spam" pre say, more someone trying to get a backlink the old way.


"Great post,its very useful for eliminate the losses in construction of microwave filters. Thanks for the useful article. BACKLINK"


In these cases and Edit option or Remove link option would be a nice feature for moderated posts.

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That's exactly the functionality I search for as well!

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I'd like to have that functionality as well!

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Would love to be able to specify which type of blog comments we'd like a user to receive notifications for. We have a few different types of "tags/categories" for our blog posts and want a user to receive notifications for only once specific blog tag/category. Would like to have this feature so a single user isn't receiving all comments for all types of blog posts - only ones that are relevant to them.

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 Seems like a big miss that you can't have hyperlinks in text. This is a standard and is expected. 

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Yes please!!Heart

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I want this, along with the ability to set a "see more" button after a set number of comments. This would greatly enhance the user experience on our blog. THANKS, ya'll.

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Please include the author's ability to edit comments. Now, we need to delete the comments to correct a simple typo, which is awkward and a needless waste of time.