Ability to edit blog comment module

Currently, blog comment module display old to new comment for specific blog. 

If we can have a choice to make it newer comennt  to older comment, it would make it look like more real time comment on the blog post. 


Also, we have a lot of comment so, if we have ability to bring comment form to the top of comment listing, that would be useful as well.

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Would love to be able to specify which type of blog comments we'd like a user to receive notifications for. We have a few different types of "tags/categories" for our blog posts and want a user to receive notifications for only once specific blog tag/category. Would like to have this feature so a single user isn't receiving all comments for all types of blog posts - only ones that are relevant to them.

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 Seems like a big miss that you can't have hyperlinks in text. This is a standard and is expected. 

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Yes please!!Heart


I want this, along with the ability to set a "see more" button after a set number of comments. This would greatly enhance the user experience on our blog. THANKS, ya'll.

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Please include the author's ability to edit comments. Now, we need to delete the comments to correct a simple typo, which is awkward and a needless waste of time.