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Ability to edit a static list

You miss one filter and you have to start allllll over again. So time consuming be nice to be able to edit the static or have a temporary save so you can share with others for feedback for final save? Something that allows some manipulation before a final list is created.

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Totally agree!!


This is a great idea, I feel the same. I would like an editable "static" list. 

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The way i usually build a static list is to create it from scratch and add contacts to it. I could add them from an individual contact page, an active list, or an impromptu filtered list. Then i can also remove contacts from the static list as needed. 

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@KarthikC  We do this on some as well. However to keep contact time lines clean we create static lists for invites to events/webinar/etc  Which would be difficult with a 50,000+ contact data base 😉 


Our team would like this as well. Our customers have turnover so it stinks to go create a whole new list just to add or remove someone. Looking to be more sufficient or what others say... work smarter, not harder!

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ahhh still such an aggrivation. I just made a list for a mailer 15 filters, forgot one.. have to start all over - I can't even clone and start there. 😭


Big fan of this idea, it isn't very user friendly to have to update the list requirements by just creating a new one.


Give the Super Admins the permission to edit Static Lists created by other users in the company. Its odd that Super Admins don't even have this capability. 


This would be a great added option.  It is so time-consuming to go back and recreate lists.  Need filter ability after the list is created. Really defeats the purpose of saving time with a CRM.