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Ability to download form submissions in pdf at the click of a button

Hi Hubspot,


We've been using your awesome product for almost 5 years now.


We work with multiple brands and use Hubspot forms for all of our client and customer relationships and management - for example: signing a non-disclosure agreement form on Hubspot which is found on a Hubspot landing page.


When a form is submitted, relevant people are notified and the email notification is sent to the client. The problem that we have and have always experienced, is the need to download the form submission into a pdf.


If a client of ours is not a Hubspot user, then they can't access the information and really need a pdf version of the form to safeguard. An email notification doesn't legally work and they need a copy of the form submission in case they want to print it out.


I really think allowing users to download a form submission into a pdf would be a smart idea! And I am 100% certain it will be a feature used across sooooo many businesses around the world.


Develop the Ability to download a form submission into pdf at the click of a button


Thanks for your consideration!




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This is an important feature which I think HubSpot should have with forms functionality.