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Ability to disable users

When users leave the company we want to remove their access to HubSpot. If we delete a user, their names are deleted from history. e.g. "User A created a Note" will no longer contain User A's name, but rather an internal number identifier, rendering it useless.


As such, when a user leaves, we have to keep their account open, though with a reset password. This means the user is still present in lists, autocompletes, etc. when using the product, which can be confusing and prone to errors for other employees.


Just like every other CRM on the market allows, it should be possible to "Disable" a HubsSpot user, retaining all history but removing the user from all lists and disallowing logins.

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+1 please show us a sign that you've heard the request at least...


I can only add, in my company we are lucky to use only the company e-mail, and our IT-team redirect the mail to the team leader of the person that need to be deactivated, so we can change the password without many problems. We still need a lot of mails and calls to coordinate everything...

HubSpot Product Team

Hello everyone,


I'm Flora Wang and I'm the Product Manager for the Permissions tool.


Thank you to everyone for commenting on this idea- we hear you that this is important functionality to have in HubSpot. We are currently looking into if the idea and understanding the problems in the space. I would love to chat with any admin who has thoughts on this experience in the next week or two. Shoot me an email at and we'll take it from there.


Any future news regarding this feature will be on this thread and I will update here.





Absolutely 100% agree on this. I think it's a very important and basic functionality, especially since there isn't a straightforward way to view contacts, companies, and deals of users no longer in the system.


I have needed this ability so many times!! Something as simple as rejecting the log-in based on the username shouldn't require any particularly complex programming at the CRM level? 


Any update here?  This is significant issue and I am suprised that it's been knocked around for 4 years.

We MUST be able to prevent an ex-employee logging in, but we cannot just wipe out all history of the person.   And since we cannot reset a password from within the portal, there's no way to do this except removing them completely.  The removed user does show as "Deactivated User (", so the issue of knowing the user is OK"

If we have an INACTIVE user option, it would be clearer, have a record of Past Users, and be able to reactivate if needed.


I'd just like to add my voice to the chorus: this is very much a needed — not nice-to-have — feature for the numerous reasons already cited by others.


Needed for so many reasons! Please implement.




Would love to have this feature as well! I've recently had a contractor work on a development project for me in HubSpot and now that the job is done I'd like to disable her account without deleting it so it's easy to give her access again in the future if necessary. 


This is vital functionality from an admin standpoint. Deleting any user will result in orphaned ownership and it will become impossible to tell who owned what if you ever delete more than one user account. I've been working on various CRM platforms for years but am new to hubspot, and am very surprised the option to disable users is not available.


We have been addressing this issues since 2017. Why isn't Hubspot listening to its customers? I can't understand this. 

Add the "deactivate user" functionality. It can be that hard to do. 


We need this now 


Any update on this? Desperately need it asap. Got my fingers crossed it arrives soon.


Cannot believe that people have been asking for this basic functionality for 4 years and still nothing.  We have someone leaving to work for our competition and we cannot disable his access to all our customers without removing him completely from everything we have.  Unbelievable !

Instead of wasting time reorganising the layouts on screens that worked perfectly well beforehand, how about focusing on basic functionality that every company needs.  So frustrating !!!


Since I've been following, there's been a lot of frustration voiced. 

Since most people leave before a replacement is hired to take over ownership, this is what I've done to reduce my initial anxiety about all this. 

1. Lockdown permissions  - the most minimal access; we don't allow bulk downloads at any point for non-admin users.

2. Create static lists for contact and company owner as backup to make it easier to reassign.

3. Create task queue and add any outstanding tasks assigned to removed user.  Must view "all assignees" to see the tasks.

4. Remove user


I do see where you can now FILTER a contact and company list by Inactive Users, so that makes it easier to find ownership to reassign.


Hope this helps!


Hi Jennifer.

Thank you for the reply. We have implemented some of those solutions when
it comes to company/contact/deals however we don't necessarily want to
reassign tickets.


Thanks for the reply.

I agree that people typically leave before a replacement is found and when they leave we need to action things quickly.

We don't necessarily want to reallocate everything to someone else and then find it all again to reallocate back to a replacement person so I don't want to have to delete all reference to the departing person before I have someone to hand them all to.  However there is no current way in the system to stop someone from accessing their own contacts and we can't even reset their password because this gets sent to them to control which I don't have access to - and you can't change the email address for a contact which makes it even harder to fix.

This basic lack of functionality is incredible when people have been asking for it for 4 years (as it appears in these postings).  It is a very simple thing to implement and one that every other system we use online has available.


I haven't seen an update lately, but did get this from Flora on June 1, 2021

"Thanks for reaching out! We are developing this now and I will reach out to you again when we are closer to release."



Upvoting this idea and glad to hear that it sounds like the implementation is in progress. We had two contractors leave at about the same time and I was appalled to find out that there is no ability to disable or even change the user's email. Surpising that Hubspot is missing this basic functionality given how mature their platform is.