Ability to disable users


When users leave the company we want to remove their access to HubSpot. If we delete a user, their names are deleted from history. e.g. "User A created a Note" will no longer contain User A's name, but rather an internal number identifier, rendering it useless.


As such, when a user leaves, we have to keep their account open, though with a reset password. This means the user is still present in lists, autocompletes, etc. when using the product, which can be confusing and prone to errors for other employees.


Just like every other CRM on the market allows, it should be possible to "Disable" a HubsSpot user, retaining all history but removing the user from all lists and disallowing logins.

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Adding my company and I to the list of people who need this years ago.  It's so annoying to have all these dead users appear in every user dropdown. 


I am baffled as to why this feature has not been implemented yet. It's as essential as having the "Send" button on an email platform. The options for restricting access for a user is illogical, especially now that there is two-factor authentication where most users use their cell phone number. It has created yet another barrier in the ability to limit employees' access that are no longer with the company. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!


Please add me to the list of users who are incredulous that a user cannot be deactivated.  This is standard basic functionality that practically every software I've ever worked with includes.   Please get this implemented!


My company is a relatively new customer of HubSpot and we already have the need to disable user accounts for many of the reasons already explained in this thread.  As users leave the organization, we need the ability to disable the user account, but retain history of what they did in the system.  


Lack of this feature is a showstopper.  Sayonara Hubspot, you've been given the kibosh.

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Can we please make this happen today???


Is this ever going to be a priority for HUBSPOT? It's been at least 2 years that this has been an issue and I can't imagine it takes that long to add one simple feature to disable a user without having to remove the user completely. 

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you're funny, since years they not care about their customers and loose a lot baecause of this, so they will probably not do it in one day;


This feature needs to be added immediately!

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We've had an account manager leave the Company half way through our financial year. I want to disable them as a user, however, I don't want to delete them and lose track on their historic deal activity


Concordo! Estou exatamente com esse problema.


We've moved away from Hubspot because of this. You can't disable a user??

Now I want to disable access so staff can't log in to edit old content and I can't unless I delete everything. What a joke.

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Hi @robsoninc  Welcome to the forums!


You can remove a user and recently Hubspot added the ability to reassign all their deals, companies, contacts to other users. You can make a new user called John-history and be able to assign John's items to there, and then you delete John.

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Note - you can also disable a user by removing their access to each component. So then you do not need to delete them, in some cases. Seems they can still have access to Contacts, Companies and Deals they own, so remove their ownership of those as above.


This is a standard use case yet not availble? Not a work around, a reasonable function that is common to almost every program out there. 


Very disappointed that this isnt implemented yet. We develop admin system and this feature is in all of them as standard.


Its a very basic feature.


Come on Hubspot sort it out ASAP.


+1. Completely agree, this would be very useful! 

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Adding a comment on behalf of a customer - could see this being a very useful feature to disable user accounts without deleting them.


Adding my voice to the growing multitude of users that see the value in such an essential security and admin feature. As pointed out by others, this functionality is very basic and supported by other industry-leading CRMs. The time for this to be added to HubSpot is long overdue!