Ability to disable Customer Support Survey for tickets that have certain properties


I want to prevent the Customer Support Survey from sending when certain tickets are closed. For instance, some of our tickets are open for a while because they are pending a resolution (i.e. a bug fix or a feature request that takes a while to develop.) We tag those tickets with a unique ticket property and keep the tickets open until it is resolved. I want to exclude the contacts of those tickets from receiving a survey. 

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We have a similar need as well.


There are some tickets our customer support reps would like to close but they don't want the surveys to go out for those tickets. E.g. if they've just forwarded the ticket to our billing or sales team who will handle the ticket onwards from there but in the eyes of customer support the ticket should be closed. However, sending a survey out for that would seem weird for the customer as they haven't necessarily received adequate help yet. 

Another use case for this would be when customers send individual emails instead of replying to a thread, creating multiple tickets for the same issue - the survey wouldn't need to be sent out for all of these tickets.


We have a similar need. We have two types of customers and satisfaction surveys are not appropriate for one type of customer. Is there any way to prevent them from getting surveys?