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Ability to customize customer portal invitation email

Currently the invitation to access the customer portal looks like this:




This is basically unusable for most businesses and our client cannot start using the Customer Portal functionality they are paying for because it would send the above email to hundreds of their customers. 


There needs to be the ability to customise this email, including the subject line. 


Right now it does not even mention the brand, it simply says "Help Centre" and there is no way to change this. 


Also it talks about access to content, which is vague and confusing. Our customers are being given access to a customer portal with their support tickets, not "content". 


There is also no way (according to support) to add someone to the CP without them receiving this email. 


(PS - the fact there is not even a category here in the Ideas forum for the customer portal, or even service hub in general, is concerning. "Tickets" was the closest thing I could find.)


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I have the exact same question!


We have the same need, currently the email shows an old logo and there's no way to change it


We have the same issue - since our users must use the Single Sign On and we need to send them specific instructions to log on, as well as resources and how to guides. It would be nice if we could customize this message.