Ability to customise the social media schedule with different timezones

I work for an American company, however, I work in London and target towards those in London (GMT) and it just is a bit tedious working with EST. My colleagues in America have the timezone set to US standards and because we are on the joint HubSpot account. I always have to make sure that my posts are 5 hours behind...


Please upvote if you believe that UTC standards should be in place when scheduling social media posts to different regions.


1) It can be helpful if someone is marketing towards many different regions.

2) Saves time in workflow for those calculating timezone difference

3) It just does not seem helpful for larger businesses and enterprises like ourselves who don't have the ability to be completely flexible for each market region


I have seen similar posts about this but for emails, however, I believe this is the first mention regarding social media scheduling. This is highly valuable and will improve the UX, I believe many other users in the UK and ROW would agree?


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