Ability to create user and add information

I would be super helpful if you brought back the ability for admins to create users and enter their name and other relevant contact info like we used to be able to do. Now, we can only enter an email and it emails the added user to do it. Unfortunately, our sales team isn't really responsive and doesn't do it in a timely manner (if at all). Because all of our emails are personalized from the individual salesperson, not allowing me to fill in their info means emails go out with our generic default. 


For instance, after I create a user, I create a list for their contacts. I then create a workflow that will assign their from hubspot owner from email address, hubspot owner name for email signoff, and hubspot owner email signoff phone number.  This sets up all of the personalization we need.


I can't create the list or the workflow until the new user accepts the invite and fills in their information. In the meantime, I have emails to send out that will look generic.


Hope that all makes sense and thanks in advance for your consideration!

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