Ability to create task for other owner in task queue from the contact/company/deal/ticket record


Sharing task queuewith other users is great but it is not possible to create a task for another user and add it to a task queue from the contact record. Now you have to create the task from Sales > Tasks if you want to be able to do it. It would be much quicker if we could do this from the contact/company/deal/ticket record.

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I can't believe this isn't already possible. It can be done from Tasks, but not Record pages... Huh?


I just helped a client setup shared tasks queues for part of their sales process, only to find this limitation. Which is quite a pain, since some of the users involved are only in HubSpot for a small part of the Sales process, so they're not comfortable navigating other sections of HubSpot - to date they could just stay on the Deals Home and Deal Record pages. Not anymore.

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When creating a task and you assign it to someone other than yourself, it would be helpful if the task could be added to a queue as long as that task queue is a shared task queue. 


Hello, Thank you for updating the Set Task Queue on the 1st of Feb. I've been able to work through this and have some communal queues where we can keep a track of what is going on and I can *bulk* assign tasks for my team. My question is when I am in a contact and setup a task for my team member, I am unable to add it to this same queue. Will this be updated soon? My hack to get around this, is to assign it to myself first, to add it to the queue. Then to go to the queue and reassign those task over to my team member. Any chance to reduce these steps and allow queues to be assigned by managers would be great. Thank you!


Your Queues are amazing tools! I love them!! I want to use them! I want my whole team to use them!! Please let me use them for my whole team!!!! 

Please allow this funciton (currently it is disallowed) not even sure why? 


Right now this is the best work around that I have been provided by HubSpot Support Team - 


A) Looking into this on my end it looks like it is possible to add to a queue as long as you are the owner of the task. If you/another user is creating these tasks for another person, a workaround could be to assign it to yourself initially and add it to a queue, then re-assign to the correct owner.

B) You could also temporarily change the task owner while viewing the task on the contact record, change the queue, and then revert the owner back.

These are about 4-5 extra steps and if I do it in the wrong order I lose the task in the queue, lose the task assignee or just the task gets lost out in the wilderness, all alone... by itself, never to be found again by it's intended owner.


Please help! No one wants a task lost in the wilderness....


As suggested with my HubSpot Support member Madison - perhaps this could be a function for "Super Admins" so we can manage the team?

Or perhaps anyone above the low level? As any manager should be able to do this for their team, even if they are not the main HubSpot manager.