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Ability to create "trigger sets" in workflows

I'd like to suggest a new feature for HubSpot that would greatly improve workflow efficiency: the ability to create and save 'Trigger Sets' for reuse in other workflows.


While HubSpot already offers a similar functionality for actions in the form of 'Action Sets,' the ability to create and save sets of triggers would be immensely valuable.


Currently, I find myself spending a significant amount of time building workflows, especially when it comes to setting up complex trigger conditions like the one below:


Example for a complex workflow triggerExample for a complex workflow trigger


With the ability to save and reuse Trigger Sets, I could streamline this process and save valuable time, particularly when working with lengthy and detailed trigger criteria.


Implementing this feature would not only enhance workflow creation efficiency but also contribute to a more organized and standardized workflow-building process within HubSpot.

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+1 for trigger sets, this would be extremely helpful!