Ability to create product groups/bundles/kits

It would be great if there was a way to create a Product Group that consists of multiple other products. So if you have a group of products that typically is sold together but could also be separate, the group would add in all of products in at once. It just speeds up the process of adding products to a deal since you don't have to add them all in one at a time and ensure that a product isn't missed.

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We need this too.  a way to organize parts into categories with subfolders or multiple catalogs

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Absolutely need this as well. 

Only way to do this is via HubDB?

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Definitely a must for us as well. We would love to group our products for as recurring, services etc...

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Would love this feature, as well. 

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This feature would be especially useful to us when generating reports, because it would allow us to lump products that qualify for a specific group (i.e. Laptop Computers or Sub-Contractors) together and compare their performance. 

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Trialling the Professional Growth suite and seems this is still not available, not sure if is in Enterprise? In any case, badly needed.