Ability to create more than 30 Calls and Meeting Types


Hi HubSpot team,


My company is increasing size constantly and as we go we are facing different types of customers and we are creating new products. 

That said, we have the necessity of dividing really well calls and meeting types for different products. 

My team created around 35 meeting types to mirror these new products and customers and as I was updating the meeting types on HubSpot, I found out that there is a limit of 30 calls and meeting types. 

My request would be simply to go beyond that number. Maybe a limit around 50 would be a great fit for pretty much all HS users. 


Thanks for your attention,



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Hi, this is the same problem my company is facing.

We have reached now a new limit of 50.  But it is still not enought. Please increase this limit!

It is not possible anymore to have to delete a call type to create another one: all of the existing ones are important and meaningful to us!

We are considering the idea of changing software due to this issue.

Please give us a feedback.


I created a new idea in order to get this limit increased: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Ability-to-create-more-than-50-Calls-and-Meeting-Type...


Thank you!