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Ability to create lists and workflows from Document views

Our sales team has switched over to using the Sales Pro Document tool to send document links to their clients via email. This is a really great tool however, outside of the document view window it's not possible to extract names and create a list and workflow of those who have viewed your documents. This prevents us from adding contacts to lists, campaigns and the ability to communicate with these clients based on their specific interactions.


Thank you!

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Thank you for the update Jesse, much appreciated! Look forward to this new functionality 🙂


Any news on the status of this update? 

HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks-


I'm happy to announce that our event-based workflow triggers has just been released! As part of this, you can now trigger off of document views and shares for contact-based workflows. Let us know if you have any further feedback or questions!


@jbartola, it's working for the workflows, thank you !
But will you add the possibility to have the same thing for the lists ? As example, create an active list for all people who have seen XXX sales document ? 

Thank you in advance


@jbartola I second @ELagneaux's repsonse. Great that it's in Workflows, but where we really need it is to create lists based on doc views. Is that functionality coming?


Hello! Any update on this functionallity? I would really like to be able to capture anyone who views a document. 


I see that you have marked this idea as delivered however the workflow trigger is not exactly helpful. You would have to create a workflow for each document to maintain a  list of each contact who has viewed a document. Please can you let us know when filtering on a sales docuement view will be available in lists ?