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Ability to create lists and workflows from Document views

Our sales team has switched over to using the Sales Pro Document tool to send document links to their clients via email. This is a really great tool however, outside of the document view window it's not possible to extract names and create a list and workflow of those who have viewed your documents. This prevents us from adding contacts to lists, campaigns and the ability to communicate with these clients based on their specific interactions.


Thank you!

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Han pasado más de 4 años y seguimos en lo mismo 🤔. De momento tenemos que entrar en cada contacto y armar las listas por cada correo. Como mínimo podrían colocar la opción de descargar usuarios que lo ven a formato excel o csv.

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I found a workaround for this. 

Create an automated marketing email containing the document link. Have sales people enroll the person into workflow instead of sending the email manually. Have a list of people who clicked on the link in that email.

Voila, all people that viewed the document are going to be added to the list!


Hey @glencornell any update on this?

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This is a very important tool. Disappointing to see the last update was in 2020. Hopefully someone is still looking into this, I can't believe its that complicated.


Still reviewing?? any Updates on this?

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It would be great to see this feature live

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Agreed that having this feature or a reporting feature that allows us to track the contacts who have viewed a document, and how much % of the document is a huge need for teams dealing in sales. 


Hope this feature comes out soon!


Hi Everyone.

This can easily be easily solved using CloudFiles’ “file viewed event”, based on time viewed, download status, or the number of views, etc.

The steps are pretty simple, once you have setup the CloudFiles’ HubSpot integration:

  1. Create a new workflow based on your required actions ( update records or any other list action)
  2. Set Triggers based on CloudFiles: File viewed based on parameters such as content coverage, number of views or time spent.

Once your list is created, you can segment your leads based on your own parameters such as people who have viewed 60% of the document or downloaded the file.

This 3 min video will help you understand its utility:


Absolutely agree! I would love to be able to create Workflows for Contacts off Document Views, eg. when a contact views a particular Document they are then entered into a workflow. Would be super helpful, I hope this can be done in the near future 🙂


Would love the functionality to have filters based on document views in Lists, Reports, Workflows and Sequences.

In addition I would like to be able to view the contacts created by these documents being shared too.



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it 2023 now


after five years waiting , finally here are 256 upvoted 🙂


let keep waiting for another 5 years, then see if there are any update 😄




@glencornell  it's been 2 years... have you learned any more? This is critical to communicating with customers who have become qualified leads by accessing a document. I have hundreds of potential customers who viewed a sample of my products, and I can't email them.  Unless I click into each contact and cut and paste their email address into an excel sheet and reupload them as a new list potentially creating duplicates or not respecting their email subscription preferences because I have to agree that I'm allowed to email them to upload...


This can be easily done via CloudFiles. 








Here are the steps - Trigger workflow and filter contacts on File views in HubSpot 


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Can we please get an update on this? We are trying to create tasks and lists around our contacts who are engaging with the documents we share in sequence emails. 


5 years later any updates lol

I don't think HubSpot is checking this at all, it's been so long.
Additionally, the above solution is for Marketing Emails and Workflows, which isn't helpful for those of us that are using sequences.
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Hi all,


I'm a lead on the on the Workflows team and I wanted to personally reach out and share an update here. We understand that enrolling on sales document views/shares has been a feature many customers have been eagerly awaiting for quite some time, and I'm happy to say this is something we are actively working on right now and hope to have available in the near future. 


I want to express our gratitude for your patience and continued support. Know that your feedback and persistence have not gone unnoticed, and we will keep you posted with any further updates!




When can I test it?