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Ability to create lists and workflows from Document views

Our sales team has switched over to using the Sales Pro Document tool to send document links to their clients via email. This is a really great tool however, outside of the document view window it's not possible to extract names and create a list and workflow of those who have viewed your documents. This prevents us from adding contacts to lists, campaigns and the ability to communicate with these clients based on their specific interactions.


Thank you!

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@glencornell Hi Glen 


Has this thread been resolved- are we able to extract lists of contacts who've viewed documents?


Thanks in advance! 

Still not resolved, canceling my Hubspot subscription to move to a more
responsive and dynamic platform.

Its a joke how this hasn't been resolved yet.



I think the idea to have a workflow around IF/THEN on when a sales team attaches a document and "IS READY" as a tag/identifier would be of great use.


I would settle for just being able to create a list based on doc views.


Will cancel subscription if we can't get this done.


This is currently possible - I spoke to someone from HubSpot support a few months ago who provided this solution. 


  1. Create an Active list
  2. Select Contact Properties 
  3. Search Original source drill-down 1
  4. Select is equal to any of
  5. Type Presentations in the search bar
  6. Press Enter
  7. Apply Filter 

All contacts showing will have viewed at least one of your documents, however it's not possible to filter based on specific documents that I know of. 


I told them to upload this solution, and link it to this thread but looks like they never did. So hopefully this works for you guys. 



@CMartin3I don't think this works. I just tried it and it's not pulling up everyone. I have over 300 that viewed a certain document, but it's only pulling up 12.


the only way i have ever seen to find this info is to dump out all engagements data and extract it out of that.


i am checking this out, maybe it is possible to add Original source drill-down 1 is equal to any of some other doc types as well?


does hubspot categorize docs as Presentations?


how did you know to use Original source drill-down 1 is equal to Presentations?

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Can't wait to see the solution ! It's a recurring question and would be very helpful


Hi @glencornell!


I just wanted to ask you if by implementing this functionality to lists it would be implementing it as well in the HubSpot Score properties.


I look forward to your answer!


I am not sure if your question is intended for a Hubspot employee. As a
Hubspot user and the one who made the original request, With the score, you
assign points to actions (clicking on a link) or properties and that is
what makes the score.

If you attach the document and they open it, the scoring system does not
let you use this action to change the score.


I agree, this is a feature that I was hoping was available as well and would love to see it implemented.


This is a necessary feature that should be highly considered. It's hard to believe that this was first brought up in 2018 and still hasn't been put into place. We can already see who has viewed a document, you'd think it would be just as easy to put those people into a list AT THE LEAST. 


@CMartin3  thanks for providing a possible solution, though I am still tinkering to make it work for me. 


Would you mind, if possible, to explain to us WHY that is the accepted solution here?

- Why 'Original source drill-down 1'

- Why 'Presentations'


Confirming that this is the recommented solution for creating a list of contacts that have interacted with a sales document via a 121 email link (Sales >> Documents)


Also agree with this thread that 3 years is pretty poor response for a business supposedly in the business of acting on customer interactions!


Many Thanks and looking forward to your reply. 


was surprised it does not exist. kind of basic feature, when tracking is already in place! 



I am very much needing this feature ASAP. Why is it still not availible after 5 years of being requested? This would be great for working with custom tailored sequences in sales, especially in cold acquisition sequences.

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This can be easily done using a HubSpot app  - CloudFiles. Here's a step by step instructional video -

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This would be a huge improvement in a way Hubspot handles contact activity, we could really use this feature! We want to send emails and reach out to contacts that engage with our documents, and right now we don't have a way to do that.