Ability to create lists and workflows from Document views

Our sales team has switched over to using the Sales Pro Document tool to send document links to their clients via email. This is a really great tool however, outside of the document view window it's not possible to extract names and create a list and workflow of those who have viewed your documents. This prevents us from adding contacts to lists, campaigns and the ability to communicate with these clients based on their specific interactions.


Thank you!

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Surprised this doesn't exist. Why else would we gather email information when sharing documents?


(You are unable to do this with URL tracking because the links change.)

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The Documents aspect of Sales Pro is a very cool tool. The ability to see where they are on a page and how long and if they even opened would also be useful on the marketing side. It doesn't look like there is currently a way to track documents sent on the marketing side like there is on sales pro.

Is there anything in place for this or does anyone have any ideas?

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Couldn't agree more! Got really excited (OK, maybe I'm  marketing nerd..) to find the Sales Documents tool, so we uploaded a couple of docs, tested it out and whilst a shame it doesn't offer the flipbook view option, the insights were great. So off we went to swap out the links in our marketing emails currently pointing to the flipbook equivalent on our website to the new docs in HubSpot.. only to find they weren't in the file manager Smiley Sad


Clearly you can add docs in file manager on the marketing side, but (i) there are no insights and (ii) you don't want the same doc in two places - not least in case one gets updated and the other doesn't, but also as you'd have separate stats for the same doc in two different places.


Seems the same frustration exists from the other perspective here..


Come on guys - please fix it for us..! 😉



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this is also a major issue for me - it adds a huge inconvenience. 


this should be an easy problem to fit as it could be accomplished by simply adding a searchable field for list building and workflows.

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Yes! The people who are downloading/engaging with our content are the ones we want to market to! Short-sighted for us not to be able to!

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Absolutely.  Also, having the two document repositories is very challenging for document version control.


An industry white paper will be used in marketing blogs, landing pages, and marketing emails...and it will definitely be used in sales emails and sequences as well.

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This is an issue for me as well.  As sales teams send out more tailored content, it is essential to be able to track the results of the content.

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I also agree that this is an issue! I want to be able to assign a source to the document view as currently I have to attribute leads manually in Salesforce (it auto-adds leads)

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Should be the most simple thing to allow people to create a list based on who has viewed a document.  Even an export of who has viewed a document that we could re-import would be fine.  Anyone know a workaround?

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Oh lord this...

It's stopping me letting sales users send docs via email 😞


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My issue is similar in that I asked how I can see the names of the people we sent a specific document. I was directed here to log in the request.

I don't know how we can update the customers when a new document is available if we only see the count of how many times it was sent but can't see who it went to.

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This would be awesome!

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We really need this. Please! 

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There should be some way to identify the document viewers as an "activity type" or "contact property" when filtering contacts, creating lists, setting up automation, etc.

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Would be great if we could set up a trigger / workflow when a specific document is upload to create a task or when a specific document is submitted that it would trigger a movement in the deal pipeline as well. 


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This is very important for us. We need to reassign contacts depending on the engagement perceived from different leads. There is no way to create reports or lists based on document views, important stopper for us!

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Just had a long conversation with Hubspot support on this. Why is "sales documents" the only sales activity that doesn't:

  • Appear on a contact record's feed (meetings, calls and other sales activities do)
  • Show up as a property in general... so that I can assign points to people who view documents)
  • And it doesn't show up in the list of fields/properties I can use to bulid workflows (maybe I wan to automate something if someone abandons my document after 2 seconds, to reengage)

We were looking into a workaround (grabbing a file's URL to assign points, run workflows, etc. based on the "page view") but file URLs are ALSO not tracked... which probably merits another thread and product feature request. 


Please add this feature! Otherwise, what is the incentive for us to store documents on Hubspot?