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Ability to create list of deals

I would like the ability to create a list of deals and be able to choose the deal properties for an export. I can create lists of deals at this time but they are contact-centric rather than deal-centric. So, for instance, I can create a list of Closed-Won deals but can't export a list that includes the deal names. 

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yes! i just realized this wasn't an option today, when I needed it. I want to quickly update a list of deals. Right now, I can only pull a list of the companies associated with that deal. I tried via reports, but there is no way to quickly update the info like you can do with lists. I also tried via the "deal view" but i have better control over my filters when they are lists. The view filters and report filters are more limited than the list filters. 


I've run into this like a dozen times.  Really need the ability to build lists for ANY object time, including custom objects.