Ability to create a team sales Quota in HubSpot reporting


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It would be really handy for me to be able to create a joint  sales quota for our entire sales team, as opposed to having to create specific quotas per person.



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I would love to see a function where I can set a target for my team, without dividing it by team members. We don't work with individual targets, but rather market and team targets, and while I know that I can just add a target per team member, that will sum up to the team target - this still tracks individual performance, and that's not how we do it. 


We focus on the teams' efforts and try to find ways to help each other reach the overall goal through cooperation and priorities. I believe individual targets can boost unwanted behavior, while team targets lets everyone work towards the same target. 



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Currently, you can only create sales goals per indivudual. It would be great to be able to create sales goals by office! 


Each of our deals are classified under a specific office for execution. While we have specific office leads who are responsible for the sales of their respective office, we are all working towards a collective goal. We also have a couple of cases where more than one individual can contribute to one office's sales goals. i.e. it would be great if we everyone could see the sales goals by office -- and anyone could contribute towards that sales goal. If we saw that the NY office was lagging, then our team could collaborate and someone out of a different office could work relationships to provide some referrals. It would also make it easier to break out sales goals by individuals if we could see the collective blue sky (unidentified opportunity) amount.

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We need to define goals not only by sales representative, but by team. 

User case: For some clients we have sales people that works for more than 1 business unit, so we tend to have teams by business unit.

This way, we can't setup different goals for each BU, unless you use 2 different pipelines, BUT the sales process is the same, so we they use 1 pipeline.




I agree this is a great feature to have. We set goals by Geographies and measure against that. We have a collaborative sales teams and we just use that to track if a geography is hitting its goals.


I am not sure why we are tracking goals by user.  That is more of a performacne measure used for compensation and not really relevant in figuring out if I am on track to close my quarter or not


The idea I'm proposing is to allow the creation of sales goals by business unit. My employer (Evoke Group) does track sales goals for individuals, a functionality Hubspot offers, but when our business development team wins a pitch, that work is often allocated to one our business units... basically one of our offices (Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.). It would be very useful to set a goal for a business unit and be able to track how much revenue that business unit handles.


Thanks very much!

Craig Brennan

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We would also love to see the goal/forecasting to be able to look at the team as a whole instead of the individual. Another idea that would work for our company would be to have a monthly goal per pipeline that could also be included in the Forecast tool.

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We're currently investigating how we can add this functionality. Please reach out to lars (@) hubspot.com if you're interested in reviewing your use case in a call.





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