Ability to create a list from the Manage Duplicates tool


Currently, it doesn't look like we have the ability to create a list from the Manage Duplicates tool. For example, It will be great if we can create a list to pull out duplicate contacts per contact owner or per team.


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I agree with this idea. I love the new tool but it would be nice if we could even export the list of duplicates to run through a verification tool or to review by contact owner.


I have 2000 duplicates to review - it's not workable. Definitely need them made acessible as a List. 

That, or create a contact property field to flag duplicates so at least I can export them out, cleanse, then import back.



I agree with this idea too. Some duplicates are merely .gnail vs. .gmail. It would be a huge time saver to create a list from manage duplicates tool. (also the tool is awesome, so thanks for that!)


Much needed as well!

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Please please we need this! 


This would be great for us as well.

Even if we were just able to add a customer property to each Contact that's a potential duplicate we could then use that to filter them and export that list.


The current duplicate manager is really nice for seeing how much bad data we have but going through Contacts one at a time isn't super viable when you have 2000 Contacts and 900 Companies to process.