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Ability to create a custom Call Title when logging a call

It would be very helpful if the user could create a custom "Call Title" instead of the default when logging the call. My company has a certain naming system for these logged calls which we refer to as "call reports".


What do I mean by call title?



At HubSpots current state, I have to log the call, go to "Calls", click into the call, then change the title of the call. It would be much easier to simply have the option to customize the Call Title to whatever the user likes when logging the call.


Here are some locations I suggest we add this field:


This type of feature would probably also help others who use "log a meeting" for the purpose of reporting team activity as well.

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Hi @KHipsher 


What exactly do you mean by "call title"?

HubSpot allows you to create custom call outcomes and custom meeting & call types.


Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 07.23.42.png


So normally, I'd select which type of call, make my notes (I assume that is what your referring to when you say "write the report")

You can use the latter to reflect your companies naming conventions, and then build reports based on that.


Alternatively you can also use snippets, to ensure a certain structure and naming convention is followed when logging calls.


I hope that helps.







Thanks for the clarifying questions, Frank.

By "Call Title" I mean the following:


Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 10.25.42 AM.png


HubSpot appears to have an embedded default naming system for calls that is "Call with (insert name of contact)". My management would like the sales reps to title each call with a specific naming system for quick information at a glance (e.g., "Call with (company name)/(country)/(contact)"). My idea is to be able to establish a custom "Call Title" when I log a call. Here you can see this is not currently an option:


Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 10.30.35 AM.png

It would be very helpful if we could do this when logging a call instead of having to log the call, go into the call report, and change the title there. Maybe add an option to customize the "Call Title" somewhere in one of the orange boxes of the log a call screen:


Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 10.30.35 AM.png


This is also not an option for when you log a meeting which would be a nice feature there too if your team uses meetings. We use calls because we can build reports off of calls pretty easily.


I updated my original idea with the above clarifying points for future viewers. Thank you!


@KHipsher - how are you editing the title of the Call after creating it?  I do not see a way to edit anything other than the drop downs and the notes.


And thank you so much for this idea!  I upvoted.




Thank you. If you click into the call report then you can update the name of the report from there.


I need this desperately.  To edit the title now is too many steps in too many places for our Users.


If Call Outcome and Call or Meeting Type are the same and you are trying to create a quarterly report, the only way to distinguish between more than one call for the same company is by "Call Title".  (Activity Dates are different but if there are more one call with the same meeting type and outcome to the same company record in the same quarter, only one of those calls shows up on my report).