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Ability to create a cohort split test within workflows

It is now possible to use the split test automation external app to build out a split cohort test in Hubspot. However, the problem with thi s is that it is very basic. For example, you can only split tests with crtieria - e.g. one group has a job title and one doesn't. This is something that you could just do with branches within the flow.

The thing I am struggling mainly with, is that I want to build a cohort test group. Through the split test automation element there is a way to test % but they are only equally split. E.g. there is possibility to do a 50/50 % test or a 25 x 4 % test or a 10% x 10 test, but no ability to do a 70 vs 30% test or a 90 vs 10% test. This is something which seems easily implementable, so would be good to see Hubspot or Split Test automation to add as a function.