Ability to copy workflows between clients


Please implement a copying function for workflows that's similar to transferring templates from one portal to another. It would save HubSpot partners a lot of time if we could copy workflows we've built from one client portal to another. Currently, we have to rebuild all of the logic and conditions for each client. Thank you!

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+1 for this. It would be incredibly useful for partners and additional use cases, such as clients with multiple HubSpot portals (i.e., multiple brands under a single parent who want to share the same set of workflows.)

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This would be very helpful for cloning between production and test/development portals. It would be better than having to manually rebuild, which takes a lot more time and is prone to error.

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Hey Adam, did you find any solutions?


We could use a similar tool.



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Seems like this should already be a key feature. This is heavily used by ActiveCampaign users. It would save us a ton of time as well. 

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@Mike_Eastwood  - https://app.hubspot.com/ecosystem/2510647/marketplace/apps/productivity/project-management/hubspot-p...


There is a new Portal Replicator by LeadsRuptive. I haven't tested this yet however know Walter and he's a guru. 



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Thank you @HubSpotMaster 


We looked at building something like this and thought it would take us way too long!


Nice work Walter!





Right now, Hubspot is woefully unfriendly when it comes to having production, staging and development environments.

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This is far overdue, let's get it together and get this in place asap! 

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As a Solutions Partner that does a lot of initial onboarding, many of the basic workflows for my clients are similar. Would love to be able to copy between portals. 

Another option that would be awesome is to allow me to copy workflows and custom properties that I build out in my demo portal (for testing purposes) to client portals.  Right now, I'm spending hours rebuilding workflows just because of the complexity of if/then branching multiple times over and over. This would be a huge win for anyone managing multiple clients or portals. 

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This feature would be amazing! Does anyone know if it can be done between dev and live portals for the same client? So set up and test in dev, migrate to live...?

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
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Hey Everyone,


I'm Group Product Manager for our Automation Group here at HubSpot. Thank you for all your feedback here.


While we don't currently have anything planned here, we will update this thread as we learn more & if our plans change.







Being able to build a workflow in a dev/test account then deploy it to a production account would be really useful.  The only options at the moment are to manually recreate the workflow in the production account, or build and test it in production.  Neither of these are acceptable.