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Ability to copy task on marketing calendar

Can we please, please get the ability to duplicate tasks on the marketing calendar?

For example, I often plan social media posts ahead of time for the week. This week, I planned a campaign where every day has a different food featured. They're all part of the same campaign, have the same assignee, have the same notes, and have the same title except for one word ("Social posts: Feijoada" or "Social posts: Ceviche").

It would make it SO much easier if I could create the task, then duplicate it so all I have to do is change the word in the title and move it to the correct day. Honestly, I'm kind of shocked this isn't already possible as it seems like such a basic feature. 

It would also be fantastic if we could copy an entire month and duplicate it for the next month. I use basically the same schedule for each month, and it would be so helpful and save me so much time if I could duplicate the month and reuse it, just changing the specifics. 

Alternatively, it would be good to set up recurring tasks. For example, every Monday we publish a blog post. I'd love to be able to set up the task "Blog Post" for every Monday, assigned to XYZ, etc. without having to manually enter it 52 times. 

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Agreed. The 'clone' button is so pervasive throughout the Hubspot interface—adding that would be an "easy" fix (pardon my naiveté).


Harder fix would be the recurring tasks such as a weekly newsletter, account review, etc.


Agreed, I require this as well - clone entire campaign including the tasks