Ability to control meeting outcomes via workflow


Our sales team has back to back meetings all day long and would love the ability to automatically change Meeting Outcomes based on the meeting time passing, in a workflow. This way, they would only have to worry about changing the outcome if they didn't answer, show up or they reschedule. 


We would like the default Meeting Outcome to be Scheduled/Completed. This will also help them keep their reporting more accurate, just because they have so much they are constantly doing.

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Any response to this yet or ideas of how to do this?



HubSpot Employee

Hi, commenting for a customer here.

Currently, meetings created within hubSpot has an automatic status of "Scheduled". This remain fixed even AFTER the meeting date has passed.

Would be great if meeting outcome can be changed to"Completed" automatically as default; after which if contact did not appear within meetings etc > users can set that as other outcomes manually.

This is to help in Sales analytics reporting. Perosnally think this makes a lot of sense. of course, being able to change meeting outcome in workflow is a bonus (:


Hi there,


Yes, I think this would be extremely helpful, because otherwise it means that people have to manually log a meeting as Completed in order to have a true picture of the ratio of scheduled to completed meetings. Is this something that's being planned at all?


Yes I think automation of this would be super useful, or at the very least the ability to schedule a notification/slack message through a workflow if a meeting date has passed and the outcome is still set to scheduled. Currently I believe this is only possible for meetings booked through a meeting link.