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Ability to connect shared inbox to meetings tool

It would be ideal if it were possible to connect a calendar to the meetings tool that is associated with an email that is connected as a shared inbox.

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Absolutely! In fact, the inability to do this trivial task continues to prevent us from converting our CRM system to HubSpot. 

For the people assessing these ideas, I'll describe our need:
We have a pre-sales team consisting of a handful of folks. They set up a variety of meetings with prospects. Usually, these meetings are scheduled on behalf of other employees. (E.g., the pre-sales team may be scheduling an engineer's time, or an estimator's time, etc..., but not scheduling their own "personal" meetings for themselves.)


Using HubSpot to schedule these meetings places the meeting event on the individual's "personal" calendar -- not the team's shared calendar (which is the expected / desired behavior).


Because of this limitation,  each member of the pre-sales team is required to manually move the appointment from their "personal" calendar to a shared "team" calendar.


To add to the confusion, the external prospect receives the original meeting request from the individual pre-sales team member's "personal" email address, and not our pre-sales team's (shared) mailbox's address. As a result, replies to the meeting request only go to the person who originally scheduled the meeting. Because of this, responses from potential customers may be (best case) delayed, or worst-case, lost.


This kludge of a situation causes frequent meeting conflicts, duplication of effort, and lost communication with prospects as they occasionally reply to meeting scheduler, instead of the (correct) shared mailbox.



This is crucial for us.


As a SAAS platform we are currently having to invite 3 team members on each meeting to ensure at least one of us can cover it/keep the time free.


If we could connect a shared inbox it wouldn't look like we are going to swamp the one customer on the call.


Really need this feature.


Our CS team would ideally like to use shared inboxes for the team for a few reasons:

  • so the team can monitor customer emails if a CSM is OOO
  • to ensure all communications are logged, including new emails from contacts from a customer company that don't yet exist in HubSpot. Additionally, not all emails that are replied to by our team get into HubSpot as the Outlook add-on has to be working or emails are missed. It's not uncommon for the add-on to bomb out.
  • be able to report on volume, response times, themes by categorizing incoming communications like we would for tickets, etc. It would be great if one day HubSpot could support CSM teams that want to operate in a more data-driven manner.