Ability to configure double-opt in email settings in multiple languages

We have a site in different languages. The HubSpot COS double opt-in configuration (found in COS -> Content -> Content Settings -> Email -> Double Opt-in) is only supported in one language.


Would be great if this was available in multiple languages so we don't have to recreate the functionality for each language in workflows.




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I am also looking for this functionality. Does anyone know when it is planned to have this implemented?

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Also very important for us, and I expect it will become important for many more of your customers with GDPR approaching rapidly.

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This option is super important for companies like ours, we work with customers all around the world and we need to tailor our opt-in message in different language.

Hope this will be considered as high priority since GDPR is coming.

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Same issue here. HubSpot really needs to work a bit faster to provide better multilanguage support throughout the platform. Lots of time is wasted on finding very poor workarounds.

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It would be nice to have different emails for the opt in.

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Need that asap. Some of our clients are very conservative in that respect, English doesn't work for all.

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What you can do already as an interim step is to use smart rules based on list membership, at least for the subject line and the body text of the DOI email. 

The only problem with this is, that in some cases the DOI email is sent before the contact was added to the smart list, so this way is not reliable. Those contacts will receive the default version. If this could be fixed (e.g. by delaying the DOI email for a second, I would personally be ok in a first step).


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Good point folked. However, reliability is exactly what we need here. At this point, the DOI goes out with DE, EN and FR texts in the same body. Ugly, but reliable. We have the same issue with our company address, as we have several, relevant in different areas of the world (separate topic, I know). Anyway, languages are an issue at this point.

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This is an urgent need for our clients too!

I am also interested in workarounds that can be used so far. 

ATM we create a list from visitors of pages and forms and use smart content in the DOI email, but DOI email is obviously sent much quicker than the add-to-list-process goes, so that smart content fails.

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The same for us, multilanguage fonctions are super important ! 

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We need this feature too as any other company dealing with customers speaking different languages.

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Same here. We have designed the DOI mail smart so that it arrives in the right language depending on the country of origin, but sometimes the mail is sent too fast, so that the assignment of the language takes place too late.


Sure, it would be great and really necessary for multilanguages website. It seems so logical that I can not understand why this feature does not still exist.

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We have 4 languages. This would be essentiel for us. Thank you.

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Same here, this is a must for us. 

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Yes, please! Every international company needs that!

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Our clients really need this to get implemented. If multi-language is not possible any time soon, it would be handy to have a quick fix  such as delaying the sending time, which would make it possible to use smart content instead. It would come in extremely handy and go a long way with little effort.

In not doing anything, I see a huge risk of our enterprise customers checking out eventually because they are legally obliged to use it. And being only able to use it in one language if you're a multimarket company in Europe just doesn't cut it unfortunately. They won't be tolerating those rather ineffective workarounds forever.

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Same here, we need this to differentiate between languages and brands

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Hi HubSpot


Any update on this request from 2017? It would be great to get multilanguage opt-ins in 2020.


Thank you