Ability to configure double-opt in email settings in multiple languages


We have a site in different languages. The HubSpot COS double opt-in configuration (found in COS -> Content -> Content Settings -> Email -> Double Opt-in) is only supported in one language.


Would be great if this was available in multiple languages so we don't have to recreate the functionality for each language in workflows.




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Working in Europe with countries in various countries, this is an essential capability! It would be great to get an update on whether this is yet planned.

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Hi, I agree with my colleagues who are asking for this feature for 3 years now. This is super important for companies who have multilanguage websites.


What the?! When we purchased HS scaling was an issue and we were told its all good! This would be a deal breaker. Its in Beta I heard today but I dont know how long to deployment.


Hey, it's 2020 and a multilingual DOI Mail should be kinda state of the art by now, shouldn't it?


A quick info about the timeline would be very useful. 


Also, it would be helpful to know: how are customers currently working around that problem?


I am thankful for any kind of help.


Thank you!


Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi all!


Product manager for the Subscriptions team here, this is an excellent idea and one I agree should be tackled. We won't be able to make any movement on this in the immediate future, though I am keeping it on my radar and will be providing updates as we get closer to actioning this.




Great news. Finally!


Until this is done, does anyone have a suitable workaround other than creating a DOI email + confirmation page where I have to place text in different languages version next to each other?


Hey @LenSad, I can tell you how we are doing, hopefully this solution works for you as well.

 1. Create a new boolean property called "Double Opt-In confirmation" and another boolean called "Receive Marketing Emails"

2. Add the "Receive Marketing Emails" to your forms

3. Create one email per language with a link to a page (one per language) in your website where you basically confirm the double opt-in

4. Create a workflow to send these emails every time someone checks "Receive Marketing Emails" and the "Double Opt-In Confirmation" is unknown

5. Create a workflow to set "Double Opt-In Confirmation" to TRUE when people click on that link on that email

6. Done!


With this basically you can have a double opt-in in all the language you want and keep track of the consent.


Yes, that's really important. It's the first moment to build or destroy trust. 


Please add a delay in sending DOI, so that we can work with smart lists. That's obviously a quick-win!


@skalka thank you for your approach! I'm glad having a workaround.


And now we have another enterprise client that really need it, like other international organisations.

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Hey @TylerScionti  do you already have an update on this feature? We have an incresing number of Pro Suite and higher customers which really sell international. Which ist great as HubSpot is now also an option for bigger international companies. Although we need to tackle some basic functionalities here.   

Thank you and all the best,


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I am not a big friend of workarounds, so I would like to avoid creating custom DOI properties, workflows etc. For me a good (and perhaps easy?!) solution would be to add a delay in sending DOI, so we can work with smart content based on list membership. For sure a well thought-out solution (e.g. within the settings area) is welcome, too! By the way, does anyone know how this solutions works which I came across in my test account (see screenshot)?DOI_settings.png

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I need this functinality too. It is really important.


The workaround (proposed from@skalka) does not work properly. We have clients complaining that we send reminders altough they've klicked "Confirm email". Seems like as if not all CTA or link-clicks are tracked 100% correct so we send wrong reminders. 


Hubspot please solve multilanguage Double-Opt-In, we have increasing numbers of clients that really needs that.


Would be even helpful for us. Hopefully Hubspot will give us the opprotuniy to create DOI-mails in different languages, which are based on the selected langeuage in the campaign. 

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This is a major priority for all multilingual sites. We maintain sites with more than fifteen languages in Europe and which must comply with the GDPR. It is totally absurd to send Internet users to pages in English when we have made so much effort to offer them very rich content in their native language.
There are still big gaps in the multilingual management in Hubspot, but to realize this you have to have been confronted and tested.

It's time to make Hubspot international after 4 years of pressing and well-documented community requests.

@TylerScionti no news after one year...


There are plenty of other requests like this on the forum and none seem to be successful:



We have the same issue here. Our company has worldwide presence and hence serves people in many different languages. At the moment we send the double opt-in message with an English / German text, but we have noticed that people from other countries tend to skip the email and therefore never start receiving our marketing emails.


Hi there 🙂


Is there any update about this feature?


That would be a great help, as we also have a multi-language platform.


Thank you!



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Hi all,

I can't believe this issue is pending for 4 !!!! years now.

Multi-Language use of a HubSpot Portal in at least two languages is a standard case for many users.