Ability to configure default for 'Update deal amounts' checkbox

Provide the ability to have the 'Update deal amounts' checkbox default to unchecked

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I would like this as well. 

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I would also like this!

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It keeps throwing off overall pipeline values to always have the deal amount accidentally automatically updated whenever a products are defined for a smaller quote within an overall deal.  Please make this checkbox configurable so default can be changed to NOT updating Deal Amount.



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Similar to above by "Andrew3": The checkbox needs to be configurable during the dialog. After initial setting I have not found a dialog to change it, so my deal amount gets update all the time, even if only putting some Products to Deal for testing. A default to "no update" would be appreciated. 

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Still suprised that HubSpot has not provided the ability to set the default on this checkbox.  This is a MUST HAVE in order to use products, something they are charging us to use.