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Ability to choose the time a workflow reschedules records when they hit "pause" action

Exemple: having a workflow with the following schedule -
Monday to Friday (08h to 18h30) and Saturday (08h to 18h) -
If a record reached an action on Saturday 18h > it will pause and be rescheduled to Monday (next available execution day) at 18h15, with a delay action in the workflow of 10 minutes, this cause the contact to fall out of execution time on Monday again, at 18h30 to finally be rescheduled on Tuesday (18h30 out of execution time on Tuesday) at 09h15.

If a contact enters WF at 13h on Sunday (not an execution day), then this contact will be rescheduled to execute the action on Monday (Execution day) at 13h10/15 instead of Monday at 08h (earliest available execution time).

A setting to force contacts to restart workflow at the earliest available time is crucial to avoid unexpected delays in processing actions for records in a timely manner.