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Ability to choose a private folder for file uploads from forms

My biggest pain point with the file upload feature is that it's nearly impossible to find a file that's been uploaded in the file manager. You have to find that in the form submission or in the contact record/properties.


I have clients that use the file upload property to collect important documentation from leads. And I have other clients that use the upload feature to collect assets needed to deliver on services once handed off to the customer success teams


I would love it if you could create internal folders where you manage access based on team, users, etc. that you can designate as a destination for file upload properties.


This would help:

  • time wasted by teams trying to find an upload
  • maintain an organized file manager by creating destinations for uploads
  • improve the user experience in the HubSpot portal by managing access to what's been uploaded instead of hiding it in the general folder


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Currently, I also have this problem more and more often. There is still no solution?

Meanwhile, you can create folders and assign them to a team. However, there is no possibility to push a file upload in the form automatically or by property, in the right folder.