Ability to change the default "Expiration Date" in Quotes


Currently, Hubspot defaults to a "90 day" expiration date when a quote is created in the system. There are other options: 30 days, 60 days, custom. However, those need to be manually changed. 


For our business, 30 days is the sweet spot for expiration once a quote is created. If Sales forgets to manually change from "90 days", the prospect now has ability to reference the quote for a longer amount of time. 


I'm proposing that on the back-end settings of Quotes, the user can set the default expiration time to whatever best suits their business. 


Let's make it happen!!! 

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This is essential for one of my clients - material prices change, so not having a default option for 7 or 15 days creates potential for points of failure if a sales rep is moving too quickly. 

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Totally agree with this. I'm kinda surprised it's not possible to set your own default quote expiry. Not everyone operates in 90-day terms and making it another action a rep has to adjust just sets them up to fail eventually.


30 day default needs to happen as well as customizable dates.


We are looking for this feature as well. We would like our quotes to default to 30 days with the option to change to 90 or 60


We are also looking for this feature.


Not sure why this isn't a feature already, but this is a big ask. 90 days is too much; when pumping out quotes, having as many defaults filled in as possible is a nice feature to have.


Definitely need the ability to add in a custom expiry date!


This is so critical, we are finding that the HubSpot quotes tool is basic in every aspect.  Very dissapointed


This is important! 90 days is way too much to start with...All the time sales will forget to set the date correctly and set the right custom date

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Hey team - I can't give a concrete timing estimate, but providing a setting for this (and providing you the option to set the date in a custom way) is something that's on our radar.


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It would also be great to extend the expiry date, should that date have passed. My AE was having inbox issues and now has to raise a new quote as he could not counter sign the quote on time.

This should be a basic option





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Hey folks - in Quote settings (i.e. Settings --> Objects --> Products & Quotes --> Quotes, you'll now find a setting for setting custom default expiration periods on quotes! The default expiration period can be between 1 and 365 days after the quote is created. If you set the setting, the default will only affect quotes created after the setting is set. Quotes that are published or in draft (or any other quote status) will not be affected or automatically changed.