Ability to change columns for each list


It looks like once you adjust your columns in a list, they update the columns for all lists. It would really be helpful if we could change the columns for each list (or set a default) with the flexibility to change ad hoc.

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The issue with that "solution" is that you can't do all the same filtering in contacts that you can in Lists. 


I recently spoke to my contact rep about this as well, and they also suggested to do this under filters as well, but that would be an extra step if you have to jump back and forth between lists and filters to make changes (i.e. if you have the filters set up but you want to add a search parameter you have to go back to the list, and then go back to filter to avoid changing columns). If this is already a possibility in filters, I don't see why it can't be duplicated in lists. Lists are what we use for workflows, emails and reporting so instead of a work around the feature should be native in lists.



It does help for a couple of issues (thank you) but one of many issues is you can't export contacts in a filtered list. We use lists for mailing and event registration, which need to be exported into excel since there is no way to do a mail merge export (again, the way you can do in Salesforce - export into a letter template or labels...)


Also, it doesn't seem like there is a simple 'filing system' for filters the way there is for lists and that column would become unmanageable if this was the only way to achieve this task.


A total workaround and agreed (understanding easier said than done with development) since the feature is available in filters it shouldn't be too hard to replicate in lists. And Salesforce has been able to do it for 10 years...it's not like this a groundbreaking feature.

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Hi Guys! I wanted to also upvote this idea. This would be a really useful tool to have within HubSpot to manage the export process and display list-specific data


Looks like we have more work ahead of us. Just heard from my rep. Here's what he said about this issue with lists: "Customizing columns on a list by list basis is not on the current roadmap, but it is on their radar."


I opened a ticket about this because as a new user I find it to unbelievable that the functionality to edit columns isn’t per list instead of universally. I was referred to this discussion to upvote it which I did. I really hope this gets changed because I need to see different information based on the list and having to edit the columns every time is a complete waste of time and frustrating. 


The worst thing is someone else can go in and change the columns and it affects the lists for everyone.  Its really an impediment. 


The help says" 

Please note: the columns that you select here will apply to all of your lists for your HubSpot user only. Other users in your HubSpot account will see the columns they have selected using the same steps." 


But this does not appear to be true.  I'm definitely seeing changes in my lists that I did not make. 


It would be an absolutely necessary featury to have listings with individual columns! Would be fine to have this very soon!!!


Definitely agree. Different lists have different goals and purposes, therefore, the properties you have on the list, should reflect that. 


Absolutely agree this is a long overdue feature on HubSpot - I need to be able to see different fields for different lists; it's crazy that the columns can't be set per list!


not having the ability to set default columns for our lists is a huge problem. we don't want to see the same data for every list! makes usability clunky and productivity next to impossible


We create lists to look at different bits of data ("Show me leads from a tradeshow with the notes next to it".... "Show me leads with the Lead Score and the # of Sales Activities next to each other").


Right now when you change the columns on one list the others change as well.


This makes it frustrating to use lists. I can export and then import to google docs and then share (hubspots current recommended process) but that's not really quick, scalable or easy.


This seems like something that should be fixed. Would improve usability quite a bit.


I cannot believe there is no way to customize each list. HubSpot is built with segmentation and personalization in mind. We use HubSpot to manage various types of students for a variety of purposes. It took a while to get user buy in when selecting HubSpot, and then suddenly realizing that we cannot have a custom view for each list has been an embarrassment. I hope this feature becomes available in the very near future. 


This is a no-brainer to me in the sense that column selection should be specific to a list. Basically a list is like a report in Salesforce, where it is possible to have specific columns. Why isn't is in Hubspot? This is so fundamental.

Having to reselect the columns you want every time you access a different list is very user-unfriendly. Please Hubspot, as part of your efforts to improve reporting capabilities, get this fixed asap!


How can we have this request get priority? It is so frustrating to not be able to have set column for each individual list.


Honestly, every time you call in just remind whoever you are talking to/is helping you to upvote this. We've been trying to bring this up on their priority list for the last two years...be persistent! 


I would also like this feature because the columns we would like to see are different depending on inbound or outbound purpose. It is important for us to refer to the right information depending on what we are working on.


I would love it if lists (active) could be created with columns of properties that do not change even if the user makes a new list with other properties. 


We run courses and I need to have multiple active lists that capture different information, eg arrival times, emergency contacts, results from a survey, food restrictions etc.  With the idea that I then can export those lists and give them to who needs them.    


But we cannot create template lists - so every time I need a list I have to remake it (except for the filters) with the appropriate columns - which can take time (eg the survey list has 15 columns!).


Also when I would ask others to use these lists on hubspot - I think they only see it with THEIR latest list columns - so there is no in point in sharing them.  




Yes, HubSpot, please please PLEASE build this in! It would be HUGE to be able to set a default column view (for all users) on a list-by-list basis. Active and Static lists, this feature would be an enormous timesaver.


Right now, I'm having to use a funky workflow between HubSpot, Zapier, Google Sheets, and a Google Sheets Add-on just to get some functionality that will help a less-than-tech-savvy member of my team keep track of event registrations. Even if it was me tracking these registrations, it would still be cumbersome to have to change a bunch of columns in my list view every time I wanted to check out a certain group of people ... then have to change it back for the next thing I need to look at.


Kind of a bummer, and it seems like it would be so simple to just have default column views for any list, account-wide (static and active lists, of course). Users could still adjust later, if they need, but an account default per list would be amazing.


Thanks for considering it!


I agree. We also have many lists that are used for different purposes. If there was a way to edit the columns in Lists by the List they are relevant to that would be much more useful.