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Ability to change Contact's Original Source field

We need the ability as HubSpot administrators to change the Original Source field in Contacts to fix errors and "weird stuff" that can happen for more accurate lead and ROI tracking. I have several contacts set to Offline Sources that where really AdWords. It usually works but when it doesn't we are powerless to fix it. Without getting it fixed the ROI reports lose some of their (**bleep**).


The existing reports that are tied to Original Source are grea, but for smaller companies, where correcting a couple incorrect Original Sources for a 30 day period, are very important. If I had 100's of new contacts off of AdWords every month I wouldn't worry abt missing a few.


Using a custom field is not really a solution since you then give up using all the stock reports that leverage Original Source.

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System substituted **bleep** for "**bleep**". Weird.

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Look like v.a.l.u.e. is a forbidden word Smiley heureux

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agreed i'd really like to be able to change the original source manually!!!!

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 Agreed!!! Espeically when we import contacts from another campaign we are doing with a third party. It would be great to create a new source (like a webinar) and attribute those to that source!

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We totally need this too. Would improve the Hubspot experience for us significantly.

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Yes! Please add this. We are on a very tight marketing budget and need to show every dollar spent is attributed to the right source. For one example, we had a customer click our advertisement (Google PPC) and then call the number on the page (didn't use the click-to-call method, just manually dialed). My sales guys entered him in as a lead, company, and deal but it's all attributed to "Offline sources". This will, unfortunately, not help tracking or help me prove ROI on my digital campaigns. As an Admin, I should have the ability to change this. 

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Regular Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer

Yes, please. One of my forms didn't trigger right, so now this new opportunity looks like it came from an offline source because I had to manually enter the data.

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Yes please add this feature.  We have a number of important leads that are tagged wrong and have to manually add them in to our reports and ROI figures.

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agreed. we recently starting getting leads from a 3rd party, which we are paying for, so want to be able to have that source as part of the reports and dashboards. its part of the marketing budget so should be able to easily see how our marketing is performing. and the concept of creating a custom source property is useless, that doesnt solve the existing reports that are now inacurrate.

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Example - If you get a lead via a chat platform like Intercom. Intercom will correctly capture the UTMs and set the sources but when you leverage the integration and push that new contact to hubspot it's source will be OFFLINE - Integration - Intercom. which is kind of useless when you want your reporting broken down by source. Likewise with leads create via Zapier Smiley triste