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Ability to bulk select from tasks area to create them as "leads" in the new prospecting hub

Currently, reps would need to go through their tasks and individually mark on the contact record if that contact should be a cold, warm, or hot lead to show up in their "leads" area in the prospecting workspace.


Our team has used the previous tasks area heavily for lead management and contact views and filters for prospecting. However, it would be helpful if we could bulk-select tasks with contacts that we would like to add as "leads" in the prospecting workplace hub. This would save us time as we use many workflows to create tasks dynamically for our reps, so it would be much manual work either on our operations end or the representative's end.


For example, you go to sales > tasks

Bulk-select checkboxes of tasks/contacts

Click edit and then select the property type as "leads" and add them as warm, cold, or hot leads so they show in the prospecting leads area vs. doing it manually one by one within the contact record or task itself. 


Just an idea moving forward! Otherwise, we love this tool and can't wait to use it. We have been needing this for a long time to better work the front of our lead funnel.