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Ability to block form submissions based on the top level domain

Currently, we can only block form submission for email subdomains such as for example or as per this KB article:, but the user I was working with today expressed the need to be able to block submission for certuan top level domains, such as .edu, or, etc. as they need to block students and educational institutions filling the form.


I agree this wwould be a useful functionality to have so hopefully we'll see it introduced in the future.



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Need this too. the ability to block spam and irrelevant submissions is very important in an automation software.


Agree this is something our company is in need of as well - specfically for any/all form submissions that try to come through with emails that have the top-level domain of .ru


Given current sanctions/restrictions on doing business with Russia, this is urgently needed. We're seeing a ton of spam coming from these emails. They aren't prevented via the sub-domain blocking that's already a feature (eg., etc).


There should be the ability to block e-mail domains from filling forms based on lists. So I should be able to add a global block list to an e-mail form as well as a product-specific block list. Handling of new contacts from freemail-adresses and competitors adds up to a large amount of work seen on an annual basis. - We have approx. 1 hour per day of data handling: sorting competitors out, sorting out freemail-adresses and connecting contacts to accounts. 
1hour x 200 work days x 85€ incl. overhead costs = €17.000,- annually


This would be super helpful for implementing restrictions from sanction lists


We would also like this option. It's a bit silly that we have to maintain lists of subdomains as they become problematic, rather than just blocking a domain.