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Ability to associate deal with custom objects in the "Create deal" form

It would save our team time and mistakes if the "Create deal" form allowed us to associate deals with our custom objects, alongside the standard company and contact objects shown below.

Create Deal Form.png

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This is a good idea. Additionally, it's strange that when you create a deal using the form it doesn't allow you require that a Company or Contact record be associated. Yet, this is possible with custom objects as well as custom object creation can be customized to allow you to pick which types of objects can be associated.


Agreed, it would be nice to be able to customize this in the Create Deal form as I would like to have a custom object associated at creation and make it mandatory. The deal association to a custom object is tied to a workflow and if the user forgets to associate it after creation of the deal then some important data is never copied to the deal. We are working on automating the association of the custom object, but this will require an additional HS subscription (meaning more $$$).


We need acces to Line item functionality and can only get that through Deals so the ability to add associations (to Custom Objects) to the Create Deal form would be extremely useful.   

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would be great !


I really need to be able to associate deals with custom objects. I would love to see this get escalated.


Having custom object behave more naturally would be a huge advantage. Adding association with differnt objects  at time of deal , or case creation is a huge time saver . You can do it in reverse - from within a custom object you can create a ticket and the association is made. 


This is a critical need for one of my clients. If the association doesn't happen when the deal is created, sales reps often forget. 


This is critical for having accurate information in our CRM - we have no way of enforcing of checking that the correct associations have been made to our custom objets at the moment


We have several custom objects that we would like to associate directly when creating a deal. Our salespeople regularly forget to associate the custom objects with the deal.