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Ability to associate a task with multiple deals

As the heading suggests we often have multiple deals that need to be linked to the same activity. For example, Managed Service setup vs Ongoing Deal, Pen Test invoice 1 and Pen Test Invoice 2.


And no we don't want to have all of these items in one deal as it would then affect forecasting which cannot be done at the product line item level.


Hopefully this is another quick fix.

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New Contributor

Similar need. I often have multiple deals with the same customer. A task can be a follow up meeting/call discussing all open deals.

I don't like the only viable idea - defining multiple tasks, while creating a single deal is obviously nonsense.


The same story is with the notes, but less important.

Regular Contributor

There are occasions when one contact has multiple open deals. It's helpful to send the contact a weekly email for all deals. Associating multiple deals and one contact to one task would be of HUGE value. Please add this update.