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Ability to archive workflows

We have a lot of old workflows with old emails we no longer use. It would be great to be able to archive these workflows, same as we can archive the emails within them. It would clean up our workflows a lot and help us be more organized. 

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Let me also add on to that and request the ability to delete workflows as well. We have workflows to sync properties to account reps that no longer work for us, so they aren't needed any more. Please make this happen so I can clean up a good 50 or so of our 300 workflows. 

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I agree. Sometimes you want to clean up your Workflows but you might not want to delete old ones. Being able to archive workflows should be an options


We have 325 workflows in our account and 200+ are ones that are no longer turned on. We're hesitant to delete the workflows because we don't like the idea of losing this data from our CRM. We do have a folder structure in place but having 200+ inactive workflows creates a mess no matter how you look at. We would desperately love the ability to archive workflows to help keep our system clean.


Yup, completely agreed. Don't want to delete workflows due to record-keeping, but it creates a HUGE mess to just have them lying around. Even if you have an 'archive' folder, they're still listed on the main view.


Completely agree, it would make the workflow section A LOT easier to use if old ones could be archived.