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Ability to adjust y-axis increments on dual axis graphs

It would be great to have the ability to adjust the increments on the y-axis for dual axis graphs using 2 y-axis. This is so that the increments on both the y-axis would be consistent.


  • Currently for dual axis graphs, we are not able to adjust the increments on the axis as this is automatically set by HubSpot and might differ on each of the axis within the same report. 
  • One axis might increase at 1.5m, while the other might have an increment of 1m, both on the same report. 

This results in a dual axis report using a bar graph visualization type to show a higher value to be shorter in height than a bar with lower value due to the automatic increments set. 

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Definitely needed, I struggle with this on a regular basis. 


I agree with this as well. 


Definitely need it otherwise graphs with dual axis are misleading to present.