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Ability to add personal email (not just shared inbox) to conversations

Ability to add personal inbox or connected email account to conversations inbox. This way sales reps can read emails, respond, etc without the need to use email client.

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The ability to connect personal emails inboxes as conversations inboxes much like you can do with team emails.


Why: This would allow us to bring in a certain department or divisions personal email box to ensure that there is cross-team visibility. This ensures if someone is on vacation, sick or leaves the company, the rest of the team is able to have visibility and pick up where it was left off with no friction to our customers. We use Gsuite and we believe with this feature, we could turn off the gmail app in Gsuite and have certain divisions on hubspot for all functions.




This would be great feature for us as well.




We use a shared inbox for inbound communications that is monitored and triaged by a team.


It would be ideal to have a tab for personal inbox as well in order to leverage snippets, documents, etc... in standard communications.


Make it happen - where are the upvotes on this?!


This would be amazing!


A bit like with Intercom. I don't want reps having to track / open / be alerted for emails in other places. If Hubspot truly is a platform, then all comms should happen in it. 


I also want rep inboxes to be accessible to the wider team - just like in intercom. 


Ability to redirect inboxes - when reps are away to a 'sales' inbox would also be great!


Indeed on our side it would be very important to be able to connect each other our email address without having the emails of the other members of our team

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How has this not had more upvotes? Being able to manage both personal and team email in the same space makes massive sense - especially if the options to assign etcetera were still part of the personal inbox functions.


Have to echo the above, I have just spend 2 hours on chat with support only to find out here that its not possible.


Hubspot what is happening about this!?


In our business, our Comms / 1st Line team (helpdesk) manage the email inboxes of the directors, filtering out unwanted emails, responding to clients, etc.


There's no sensitive information coming into these inboxes (we have dedicated separate inboxes for financial, legal, etc) so this works very well.


The problem is we cannot do this via Hubspot because it doesn't allow us to link personal inboxes with the ServiceHub Inbox.


This doesn't seem to be any kind of technical limitation.  It's most likely just an assumption that most businesses wouldn't want to do this.  This is probably true for some, but not for us, so could it be made an option instead?


In general, you'd hope this wouldn't be too big of an ask anyway. I think a simple overview would solve this need for a lot of us.


We can already see the emails by going to the contact/company level, and I've actually built a report which displays this information to give an overview of emails sent/received, but an Outlook/Gmail-esque view of this information would be a real value-add to HubSpot.


Agreed, would make HubSpot more of a hub spot. 


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ISC speaking here.


So I had a couple of users chatting in to know if they could manage their personal email address directly through Hubspot - exactly like it is possible when you connect your team email.


I think this could be a nice possibility to add, particularly for very small businesses who´d be able to manage the most important things from their inboxes directly through Hubspot without leaving it.
Also, as it is possible to do it when you connect a team email,  it might not require too much input work and time? 

Now if some accounts would like to have a personal one AND a team email one connected where they´d be able to manage their inbox, we could either have a "switch button" or distinct "Personal Inbox " / " and allowing each user to have access to both of it.

Hope this idea finds you well!