Ability to add more than 100 tasks in each Task Queue

Right now you can only have 100 tasks (associated with Contacts, Companies, or Deals) in each Task Queue. I need way more than that. Hopefully up to 1000 Tasks in each Task Queue would be good

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Call Cues appear to be a new and better way for us to organize and prioritize sales leads within our call list.  I can divide my leads by categorizing them as "urgent" call cue or "routine" by labeling each call cue as such.  When using this feature however, the call cue limits the amount of leads I put in to 100.  This defeats the purpose of using the call cue.  Remote the cap of 100 leads within a certain cue list please!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @CaseyBinkley the number was recently increased to 500. If that still is not enough, I'd love to hear more about your workflow and what leads you to have that many tasks.


Thanks for the feedback!

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Hello, we are working with a customer that is highly utilizing their call queues and bumping into the 500 limit. Do you know if both the total number of queues and and queued tasks limits will be increased?


Many thanks!