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Ability to add more than 10 association labels per object

We would like to be able to add more than 10 association labels per object.


Currently each object allows 10 associations per connected object. While 10 is a good start, we are frequently stuck with generalizing associations labels, opposed to having more detailed and meaningful association labels.


For example, as an insurance consultancy and manager, we often have to use multiple associations in order to thoroughly understand an account. Let's assume an employee benefit deal in the U.S., which commonly includes the following company-to-deal association labels:


  1. health
  2. dental
  3. vision
  4. life
  5. short-term disability
  6. long-term disability
  7. critical illness

Each of these items could be a general association label.  However, there is potentially more than just a single association for each of these items. With respect to health benefits (#1), we might need to associate the following company-to-deal association labels:


  1. Specific stop-loss carrier
  2. Aggregate stop-loss carrier
  3. Third-party administrator
  4. Medical Network
  5. Prescription Benefit Manager
  6. Telehealth provider
  7. Underwriter
  8. FSA administrator
  9. HSA administrator
  10. HRA administrator
  11. Insurance broker
  12. Payroll provider
  13. Accounting firm
  14. Law firm

For that same deal, we may use the following contact-to-deal association labels:

  1. Center of Influence
  2. Accountant (external)
  3. Legal Counsel (external)
  4. Account Manager
  5. Account Executive
  6. Customer Service Representative
  7. Payroll Contact (Internal)
  8. Accounting Contact (Internal)

We could add 50+ different association labels for contact-to-deal and maybe more for the company-to-deal association labels.

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Yes, we are a software company and have many different types of subscriptions that our customers sign up for.  We also have different types of contacts within those customers/companies.  Thus, we have a lot of different types of associations.  We definitely need more than 10!


We definately need more than 10 and would like at least 10 additional user defined properties.