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Ability to add more than 10 association labels per object

We would like to be able to add more than 10 association labels per object.


Currently each object allows 10 associations per connected object. While 10 is a good start, we are frequently stuck with generalizing associations labels, opposed to having more detailed and meaningful association labels.


For example, as an insurance consultancy and manager, we often have to use multiple associations in order to thoroughly understand an account. Let's assume an employee benefit deal in the U.S., which commonly includes the following company-to-deal association labels:


  1. health
  2. dental
  3. vision
  4. life
  5. short-term disability
  6. long-term disability
  7. critical illness

Each of these items could be a general association label.  However, there is potentially more than just a single association for each of these items. With respect to health benefits (#1), we might need to associate the following company-to-deal association labels:


  1. Specific stop-loss carrier
  2. Aggregate stop-loss carrier
  3. Third-party administrator
  4. Medical Network
  5. Prescription Benefit Manager
  6. Telehealth provider
  7. Underwriter
  8. FSA administrator
  9. HSA administrator
  10. HRA administrator
  11. Insurance broker
  12. Payroll provider
  13. Accounting firm
  14. Law firm

For that same deal, we may use the following contact-to-deal association labels:

  1. Center of Influence
  2. Accountant (external)
  3. Legal Counsel (external)
  4. Account Manager
  5. Account Executive
  6. Customer Service Representative
  7. Payroll Contact (Internal)
  8. Accounting Contact (Internal)

We could add 50+ different association labels for contact-to-deal and maybe more for the company-to-deal association labels.

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Yes, we are a software company and have many different types of subscriptions that our customers sign up for.  We also have different types of contacts within those customers/companies.  Thus, we have a lot of different types of associations.  We definitely need more than 10!


We definately need more than 10 and would like at least 10 additional user defined properties.




we are a software company selling a SaaS solution in a B2B market and serve clients from "small soho" to "multinational corporations". Especially with the larger enterprises we might have hundreds of contacts which we need to classify, and as these companies typically have quite fine grained job descriptions we are in need of more than 10 labels.

This is what we currently have defined:

  • Billing contact - receives bills and has to acknowledge them.
  • Consultant - typically needed during the sales phase, as medium to larger prospects have the habit to integrate external consultants intheir projects
  • Contractual contact - larger enterprises have their own internal legal department to negotiate custom contracts
  • Financial Service Provider - smaller customers typically have external accountants, and some of these concentrate on the industry of our customers, means: there are external acountants serving two dozens of our customers. We need to track that and this is not the same role as the billing contact. 
  • Former employee - this is self-explanatory
  • GDPR controller - a special legal role in Europe
  • IT service provider - internal and external staff dealing with the customer's IT zoo
  • Main contact - if you do not know whom to contact this is contact is always a good start
  • Managing Director / CEO - important to control audiences of mailing campaigns
  • Owner - important to control audiences of mailing campaigns - and does not receive the same content as the managing directors

That was 10. Next in line:

  • Application Admin - a contact that has admin access to our solution

In general I can understand that you are trying to limit the size of cross reference tables, but 10 is just not a lot. 20 would be way better, and I cannot imagine that we will ever need 50.


I would be willing to pay for more association labels. 


Tried to match up a custon property created, Job Function (which has a dropdown list of 50+ options) with association labels. We have contacts with 50+ Job Functions or titles, and they might be a Director of X at one facility and VP of Y at the parent company or another facility. Started adding labels to the 6 we had, and got blocked at 10 and aborted. Would be nice to have several more options to match-up with our several job titles/functions.


Even better - instead of labels, using custom objects (like text/drop-down fields) to describe a relationship between two objects so we can really get granular about it! I'd like to associate a "start" and "end" date, for example. We have a huge need for this.


I completely agree with this. Only having 10 association labels is quite limiting. The ability to have more would be great. I remember when this was just a beta and it's come along way, excited to see it continue to offer more function to the user. 


Bumping this - HubSpot, give us at least 20! C'mon! 


I agree with what everyone else is saying on this. We are grant-funded and have multiple associations with contacts with each grant. 10 is just not enough for us.  Please, if anyone is reading this thread, we need more labels.